Monday, June 09, 2008

The 24-hour Wedding

At 9am on Saturday I was delivering breakfast pastries for a bride too nervous to eat.

24 hours later, I was returning in a cab after sharing a post-party beer in broad daylight (8am) with two old friends and Inaki Aizpitarte.

This being my first French wedding, I can only assume that they are all like this.

The marriage of Petite Anglaise and her Boy, in between those two early morning bookends, was a completely joyful affair.

Friends from both sides of the English Channel gathered for a ceremony at the town hall, champagne, a sweet lunch at Vin Chai Moi, more champagne, more food, rowdy dancing, and still more champagne.

What I'll never forget:

  • The radiance and endless grinning of the bride and groom
  • Le Maire, after performing his duties, admitting that he recognized Cath and asking for a photo with the couple
  • Seeing the groom's mother shaking her booty to Blur's "Girls & Boys"
  • Watching French girls throwing up discretely in the garden before returning to the party looking elegant as ever
A few photos are here. Thanks for a great party!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the photos - the bride is gorgeous, the groom very handsome and everyone looks so happy!

Ksam said...

Aw, that sounds really lovely (and freakishly similar to the Parisian wedding I attended last weekend, lol).

Anonymous said...


Peg said...

Thanks for posting photos, Meg, they're lovely.

I especially like 'Shoes at the Mairie'!