Friday, August 04, 2006

Crush of the week: Eloïse Decaze

Look at little Eloïse. Pink-cheeked and beaming, she looks normal enough in this photo here.

Don’t be fooled.

This girl is anything but ordinary. Haunted and uninhibited, she climbs upon the stage and gets medieval on your ass – channeling troubadours from the period with songs about childbirth, betrayal, and the sea. A cappella or alongside the remarkable Sing-Sing, Eloïse seems almost guileless – as if she, too, is pleasantly surprised by the sounds erupting from her small frame.

The aforementioned Sing-Sing (a man who actually introduced himself as such) is no slouch. Tall, dark and wild-headed, Sing-Sing has a collection of songs à la nouvelle chanson which stick in your head for the whole bike ride home. A sight it must have been to witness two Americans and one German weaving through the dark Paris streets at 2 am warbling half-remembered french songs.

The deal was sealed with Eloïse when she launched into an extended sea gull imitation during a shanty with Scott Taylor on accordion. My usual complaint about french girls taking themselves too seriously doesn’t hold water here.

There’s talk of Eloïse recording something with either Sing-Sing or the equally charming Scott Taylor. Until this happens, you can look for her at Au Limonaire, a sweet little club for nouveau chanson in the 9th. The lineup for Friday & Saturday August 11/12 features Sing-Sing, Eloïse and Benjamin Abitan.

Shows at Au Limonaire (click here for photo) start at 10 pm with free entry. A hat is passed at the end of the performance. You can eat here prior to the show by reserving at 01 45 23 33 33. Eating before-hand seems to be the easiest way to ensure a seat – our last visit was standing room only.

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Lady K said...

I am totally intrigued by your description of this artist. We are totally going to go to this concert based on your recommendation...

Sometimes you also need sounds to go with all the visual stimuli in the city. And La Vie en Rose just doesn't cut it anymore.