Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby's First Meme (awww...)

Bookpacker tells me that it will be loads of fun if I open the nearest book, turn to page 123, skip to the fifth sentence, and copy the next three.

This is called a meme, and it's all the rage among real bloggers. Being only a part-time word spiller, I was previously unaware of the phenomenon, and find it not so different from the Christian prayer chain mail that's cohabitating my inbox.

If the bible were the first book to hand, that would kill two adulterous birds with one stone. Alas, the first tome within reach is decidely less saintly: it's Martha Stewart's Hors D'Oeuvres Handbook. And page 123 contains no text, only a tantalizing and glossy photo of beef bulgogi in lettuce leaves with soy-ginger dipping sauce.

That hardly seems to qualify, does it?

The next book in the pile is Petite Anglaise. I'm re-reading the newly released hardback after rushing through the manuscript last June.

This time around is a relaxing good ride, unaccompanied by the fear that my friend's book might suck terribly.

It doesn't.

Page 123, after skipping the first 5 sentences, reads:

Now was probably the time to come clean and face the music. If I kept all this to myself a moment longer I was afraid I would burst. 'It wasn't the nanny,' I confessed.
She then goes on to explain that she's had a hotel rendezvous with a man who she met from the comments section of her blog.

What a slag.

The book is on sale now in Paris, and there's a reading at WH Smith for those who want to meet the trollop in person. I pray (there! two birds.) that she sells a bundle, for this will surely come back to me in beer.

I will continue this memery by tagging P.A. herself, along with the boobalicious Little Red Boat...

...and the batshit crazy Gone Feral.


Anna Pickard said...

But but but... But I'm readin' the same stinkin' book.

I will do it anyway. I was going to have to pimp the marvellous thing at some point...

And congratulations on your first meme. Do you feel older and more experienced? Or simply tired and a little sullied?

Le Meg said...

Oh, I always feel tired and a little sullied ;)

rhino75 said...

See, I KNEW you'd enjoy it. I have, of course, finished Cath's book but why are we not going together to see our mutual friend Jens?

Le Meg said...

You know how I loves me some Lekman, Rhino. Alas I will be running with the bulls this Wednesday at the Salon de l'Agriculture.

Question: does a farm fair count as permission to finally wear my overalls in France?

juliwalters said...

That seriously cracked me up. I think overalls are back. God, I hope so, I have a hideously expensive pair that I wore twice and refuse to put in the bin as I knew they would come back someday. You can bring them back leMeg. Just do it.

Tim said...

Oh thanks very much.
That cheatin' trollop PA has only gone and tagged me, hasn't she? And you can guess what I'm reading at the moment.

I'll pick something from my other book.

Oh, and hello by the way! I'm Tim. I've met Anna twice and she's ace.