Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloggers in Paradise

Do you blog? Do you pretend to tolerate somebody who does? Do we look like the kind of people you'd like to spend some quality time with?

If so, and if you're planning to be in Paris on Saturday June 9, drop on by the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont for the Paris Bloggers' Picnic. Your hosts Meg (that's me!), Rhino, Frog with a Blog, and Petite Anglaise will be doing log-rolls down the hill from 2pm onward. Details are here, along with an email address for signing yerselves up.

Expect to see hair pulling and possible pond-dunking as Petite gets progressively drunker and takes revenge for Meg's come-from-behind WIN in the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards.


You're probably better advised to vote for her in the Best European Blog Overall category, where she is currently bitch-slapping me with more than 65% of the vote.

However I would gladly accept your electronic love in any of these other blog categories:

  • Best Expatriate - in which I am being mounted from behind
  • Best Writing - in which I am being Twatted (again)
  • Best Personal - in which I am being trounced

The fancy vote tabulator on the polling site is doing wonders for my productivity:

11:32 am - 2% of the vote

11:34 am - 2% of the vote

11:36 am - 3% of the vote - yesssss!!!

...see you at the picnic.


The Late Bloomer said...

Looking forward to finally having the opportunity to meet "Le Meg", le vrai, l'incomparable, in person for the first time. Have already dropped you an e-mail!

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Hello Meg...

Just stopped by to check out your page before the picnique this WE... Looking forward to meeting all of you... and thanks to you all for coming up with the idea... I am really in need of some group interaction/socialization right about this time... It is my 10th month of living here in France... YAHOOO!!! See ya
- Leesa