Friday, January 26, 2007

On Fire

This morning's episode in nincompoopery unfolds with our heroine lighting her crown on fire.

A work colleague brought the ubiquitous galette des rois for breakfast, and suggested that I heat it up a bit.

My mastery of the microwave has been much-touted around this office. Feats such as "warming coffee" have been regarded - until today - as some sort of American birthright.

That's all over now. For I forgot, being unaccustomed to toys-in-food, to remove the foil crown from the box. That's right - a galette des rois comes complete with a party hat, one that's awarded to she (me) who finds the little toy hidden in her slice.

It's only fair, they said, that I should have to wear the blackened crown for the morning. A french tradition, they told me.

It wasn't an altogether unfitting uniform in which to discover that I'm up for a Bloggie. A diaper would have made the outfit complete, considering what nearly happened when I read the news.

(now behave, all you New Year's Baby fetishists out there...)
This is boggling news, given that I've only had the blog for six months and that the other four finalists have massive traffic, book deals and blog-themed coffee cups for sale on their sites.

If you feel like rooting for the underdog, you can vote here until February 02.


Miss Tickle said...

I found you via the bloggies.

Becuae of finding you I am now considering ways of making my hub move to back to Paris with me (I lived there for six months actually being a clown, and gosh my heart is tugging from all the photos...)

petite said...

GIRL, you are a STAR!h

Tin Foiled said...

I'll be voting for Ms. Blageur! Congratulations!

Too bad about the microwave mishap. Did you get the feve?


Well I'll certainly vote for anyone who blows up a microwave and destroys a galette des rois. A certain community pride. Bravo Le Meg!


Edvard Moonke said...

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest... being up for a bloggie, I mean, not your penchant for pyrotechnics. Good luck!

Bridget's JD said...

I just voted for you. See you.

Robyn said...

Congratulations on the nomination! I'll be voting for you. Or POUR VOUZ...uh, need to practice french.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for you as well, and congratulations for being nominated !!!


La Page Française said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your bloggie nomination! I shall be casting my vote for you as well

andre said...

It's not the size [of the blog] that counts.

Sam said...

Because I can't think of anything witty to say:

You go girl!

Enough said.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

That story is too much fun!

By the way, I did vote for you in the Bloggies - since I really enjoy your blog, and am a Francophile to boot. Oh, and the fact that you are friends with Frog didn't hurt either (I loves me that man). ;-)

Jay said...

Hello from one underdog to another - hope you've recovered from the charred crown incident.