Friday, January 04, 2008

Blogosphetiquette and the Salad

Rule #42 for the aspiring novice: If an established food writer is having difficulty with her camera, lay your head down upon the counter and offer yourself as a tripod.

Results will vary, but may include something like the promise of a recipe for homemade Cheez-Its.

This pictured salad is what I brought, in lieu of Velveeta, for last night's pot-luck.

It was very simple: tarragon leaves, seeded grapes, vinegared shallots, and citrus cured scallops - all mixed at the last moment with a smooch of olive oil.

The portions were small because there was plenty else to swallow from the fine food fiddlers in attendance.

I may have nodded along at times, pretending to know the well-known, but humility has never tasted so good.


Adrian said...

Damn! You should have come to drink century-old absinthe with me Louisa, Daniel, Heather etc instead...

Congolese said...

J’en ai de l’eau à la bouche. Bien présenté mais j’espère que c’est autant bon une fois dans la bouche. Sinon je viens de découvrir ce Blog et j’aime bien.

Bonne année !