Monday, January 28, 2008

Bacon Sluts, Your Time is Now

I felt both indignant and justified when I saw this today on BuzzFeed, via meat husband* Mike Cosentino.

Indignant because I thought I had invented the bacon cocktail at a brunch last summer.

Justified because everyone at that brunch was looking at me like I was crazy. In fact, I was super cutting-edge. A bit tipsy...

In any case, I'm not sure which is most perverse:

1) The intense desire to claim 'bacontail' as my own,

2) The possibility that there may be a collective baconsciousness, or

3) The fact that a site promising Step by Step Photos of the Bacon Vodka Enfusion Process is so popular that it has exceeded its bandwidth and temporarily shut down.

I have no such uncertainty about the following product:

I mean, seriously - who wouldn't want a Bacon Scarf for Valentine's Day?


* a meat husband (or wife) is one who, with full authorization from the vegetarian spouse, adopts a surrogate dining partner for the purpose of eating carcass.


amy said...

omg, bacon party!

does your cocktail work with French bacon?

Le Meg said...

If by "work" you mean "hang loosely together in layors of liquor and liquid fat," then YES. French bacon is fine.

Adrian said...

I'll give you a bacon scarf!

Dean said...

Bacon... there are few things more perfecter on this planet.

Mankind's crowning glory: baconsalt! (I have several jars)

Unified Bacon Theory

Bacon Decision Process flowchart

Boing Boing: all things bacon

Princesse Ecossaise said...

That scarf is feckin hilarious! In fact I might purchase it and wear it just for the laugh.

I just came across your blog and love it already! I'm off to read a few of your archives...

Anonymous said...

My friend also has a bacon obsession and just wrote a post on how to make homemade bacon ice cream - she also recently received a bacon scarf as a gift.....