Monday, May 28, 2007

You Are a Ham Sandwich

The "what city do you belong in?" quiz was recently brought to my attention by Bookpacker, and I took it this morning as a break from tally-watching.

My result should come as no surprise:

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.

What did come as a surprise however, was my result in the "what kind of sandwich are you?" quiz. I tried over and over again to rig the results, but got "ham sandwich" every time. I always fancied myself as more of a grilled cheese.

Other valuable information to be gleaned from this site:
  • What's your rapper name? (dirty money)
  • Can you make anyone fall in love with you? (no)
  • Are you running on adrenaline? (yes)
And finally, some clear evidence against that Best Writing nomination:

Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 80%
Grammar: 60%
Vocabulary: 60%
Spelling: 40%


Adrian said...

Yo from L.A. Twist

rhino75 said...

We're best friends!! Hurrah!!
***You Are a Turkey Sandwich***
Conservative and a bit shy, you tend to stick with what you know and trust.
You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible.
Though you may be hard to know well, anyone who does know you considers you a true friend.

Your best friend: The Ham Sandwich
Your mortal enemy: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

le Meg said...

Conservative and a bit shy? In relation to WHO?

Or rather, 'whom'...

zoe said...

well done meg - i voted for you in two categories - but you won the best writer's award - félicitations!

le Meg said...

Thank you kind Zoe - it's always a pleasure rubbing up against the Twat.

Jussara said...

Oh, I'll post soon... I belong ot London!!!
This is nice.

Robyn said...

I got London!...which kinda surprised me. But I wasn't surprised about not getting Paris. If only they had a question, "DO YOU REQUIRE LOTS AND LOTS OF BAKERIES OF AWESOMENESS?"

Also got 40% spelling, which was surprisingly high. I don't think I knew any of those

I'm a PB&J sandwich. I don't feel like I really identify with PB&J...rawr.

Garrincha said...

I'm a ham sandwich too, which should come as no surprise. But I'm amazed you are one too. Let's ham, darling.

DarkoV said...

Congratulations to a classy person, always ready with the witty joke even when self-referential.
Hey, you weren't skunked and you did get the prestigious award, right?

Kosmogal said...

This post has had me glued to those quizzes for the past 2 hours!
Great blog btw.

le Meg said...

I now feel personally responsible for a widespread loss of productivity.

Jane said...

Oh dear. I am a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which means you and I are mortal enemies. I have no idea why this should be, but I do know that I suddenly feel a rush of irrational rage directed at all things porcine.*

*Except bacon, of course.

Exotic/Mundane said...

I wouldn't worry a bit about your results in the English quiz.
"cut the mustard" is wrong, completely.
The correct phrase is "cut the muster." Muster - as in "To call (troops) together, as for inspection."
You really can't take someone seriously who can abuse English this way.

le Meg said...

Are you suggesting that I *not* take these quizzes seriously?

Katie said...

I got grilled cheese!


Anonymous said...

I got Paris too! Yay! - Kasia

Hugo Carr said...

hmmm I got 40% spelling aswell, although my vocabulary was 80%

I suppose oligarchy must have come up?

Gus said...

I belong in New York! And I was the strange and unusual Tunafish sandwich.

JamRock said...

I am a Peanut butter eating Jamaican living in Paris, who apparently belongs in London, would be a pet bird and is the drug - Acid!! Merci Le Blageur!!

Leemikcee said...

Grilled fromage.
Punctuation & vocab: 100%
Spelling & grammar: 80%
(But I'm really old.)

johnieb said...

Is Paris an old thing, then? Good.