Friday, May 25, 2007

Damn you tween devils!

Comment left on the blog of my chief competitor in the category of Best Expatriate Blog:

  1. DarkoV UNITED STATES was totally all, like,

    It’s not that I have anything against Mme. LeMeg. I’m sure if she won, she’d look much prettier in the Satin PJs’ what with her Amelie-ish blog portrait and everything, than you would. Plus, she seems to be a good sport, which counts for a lot.
    But, you in Satin PJ’s would be a stitch and you know that saying about stitches in time and such.

    I hope the cavalry is coming. I’m rounding up my daughter’s Facebook chums so I’m looking for some high numberage from that corner of the Internet lot.

Okay, am I really afraid of the tween brigade on Facebook?

I am terrified.

And rightly so.

My lead in the only category in which I have a chance has suddenly plummeted. Those tweens - in between updating their Facebook status from "oh my god" to "I am so bored" - are kicking my ass.

Any knights in shining armor may still vote here.


DarkoV said...

Mme. P. Blageur,
For whatever it's worth, if Mr. Sgazzetti from Isoglossia didn;t have my allegiance already, I'd be casting my vote for your most-entertaining of blogs. My squirmingly awkward apologies.

Perhaps a tie's in order?

le Meg said...

The Darko Lord of the Tween Devil Squad hath appeared!

And is he asking me to barter?

I would certainly cede the western territory of Expat if he were to allow me the small kingdom of Writing.

Call off your dogs Darko!

DarkoV said...

As You wish, I've just posted my (second) vote for you over at Best Writing. Glad to see that you're 7% to the good. Hope it holds up. I'll post a plea for the Hounds from Hell to be doing the same thing.

Seriously, though. You've got quite a good thing going here. I hope you keep it up. It's personal without being gloppy and there's always that sense of humour.

Edvard Moonke said...


sgazzetti said...

it's all fun and games until someone accuses someone else in a public forum of not liking beer.

And it ain't over yet. I am sure you have some diabolical secret weapon yet to be deployed. Le Petit Anglais can surely drum up something for La Belle France, non?

The sudden surge that we observed here (where we do not have jobs, obviously) seemed to be directly related to Magda (Mrs. Isogloss, if you will) posting a link on her rabid Polish young mother discussion group's board. Never underestimate the power of an exercised Polish uterus + broadband.

But it ain't over yet.

In all sincerity, bon chance...

Michael M. said...

You got my vote for best writing -- and it looks like you're leading there. All's well that ends well?

DarkoV said...

Well, with a 10% lead, or close to 50% of your closest pursuer, I think it's safe to congratulate you on your Satin PJ's for the Best Writing awards. If I were able to send you a bottle of beer without Homeland Security having a coniption, I would.


Miss Despina said...

I've voted too :)
And seriously oh, facebook, scary scary phenomenon, but like a teenager with a ouija board in a bad horror film, I just can't stop...

sgazzetti said...

I am so happy to congratulate you on your win in the important category, and your not-at-all shabby showings in the others. In the category in which we were against each other it was never really a fair fight, given the Former Yugoslavia voting solidarity organized by Michael (above), the grassroots unhingedness of Darko (above) and similarly warped readers, and the Polish Mother's Day voting bloc.

Not to mention, when my blog is put head-to-head with yours, it's four expatriates against one. And those kids have got internet aunties on four continents to drum up support -- no fair!

Serious congratulations on Best Writing. That is MAJOR.

rhino75 said...

I did of course vote for you, m'dear. The Silver-Bearded Foxes are with you!!

Dumdad said...

You got my vote.

parisian cowboy said...

Mine as well.