Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekly Giftbasket: Dance Fever Edition

This week's distract-a-basket contains intentional juxtaposition: a dancing walrus, an 80 year-old stripper, and a combination of those elements as Last Night's Karaoke.

1. For the Kids

2. For the Ladies

3. For the Shame of my Eventual Grandchildren

*please note the terrorized voice at video's end pleading "stop this!"

4. What That Was
Supposed to Look Like

*a white jumpsuit would have helped my performance, obviously.


Adrian said...

Thanks for answering my texto - I wouldn't have wanted to miss that for the world!!!!! I think you just embarassed your entire race!

Tin Foiled said...

I, too, believe in a thing called "love". For example, just listening to the rhythm of my heart belies the chance that we *could* make it now.

We'll be rocking until the sun goes down.

(It *was* a rocking night, a magic night!)

Milanese Masala said...

Greetings from Italy!

Just happened upon your blog. Great stuff! There is a dire need for karaoke in this world. Thanks for answering the call.

I don't know if you have the time or have already done it but I tagged you for a meme.


Parisian Cowboy said...

Hey Meg,

Got a ticket for The Long Blondes and Broken Social Scene. Will you go to these shows ? Drop me a line if you do, we'll ge a drink there.

Ciao ciao.


Misplaced said...

I don't mean to complain but its been awhile since your last post. Some of us are living vicariously through you. Do it for the children.