Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Vegetarian Problem

During my first year in Paris, seemingly everyone who came to visit was a f@*k#ng vegetarian.

I support this choice, honestly I do. But it makes (in Paris) for truly lousy eating.

Or at least it used to...

In the olden days of 2004-2006, choosing a restrautant with a (non-fish-eating) vegetarian in mind meant that somebody was not gonna be happy. And most often, that body was me.

My insanely bulleted and hyper-linked list of Restauarants To Try was usually set aside because the places specialized in game, offered no choices, or were otherwise unlikely to have anything my friends could eat.

Recently, however, a new list has taken shape. I call it Places Where I Can Take My Vegetarian Friends Without Wanting to Kill Them.

Or, more formally, Fine Eatin' with Fleshless Options.

This new list features six restaurants where I would gladly eat, with or without a vegetarian in the mix. Beyond these, there is a world of casual street eats and ethnic joints that also get the job done. But for those who are looking to have a special (and not cheap) night out, with a focus on French rather than Cambodian, these are my top picks:

  1. Arpège
  2. Maceo
  3. Mon Vieil Ami
  4. Les Allobroges
  5. Transversal
  6. Maison Blanche
The map, and full descriptions of each, are published here on Gridskipper.

Go forth, friends, and eat without passive aggression.


Girl and the City said...

Great list! I will have to keep that one on hand!! :-)

xox Girl and the City

Parisian Cowboy said...

Hi Meg,

It's true that ethnic food is always a good choice for vegetarian.....

Howewer, those who do not eat fish are pretty much hardcore... amongst my vegetarian "friends", everybody eat fish, so the sushi restaurant is always a good option !

I went to see The new pornographers this evening, maybe you were there, it was a great geat show !



negrito said...

My dear friend,
If by chance you are in Paris on the 26th of October, I would really be happy to invite you to join me at the Rock Lit' party organized by the magazine Opium Europe for it's launch, at the réservoir in the 11th! We will there be able to share glass of wines while listening to cool bands and writers reading their texts, more details on my blog :

Many kisses
King Negrito