Friday, June 08, 2007

In the Butt(es) with the Paris Bloggers

Your hosts Meg, Rhino, Frog & Petite
As previously warned, the peaceful idyll of the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont will be gravely interrupted on Saturday.

Check back here for the post-picnic wrap-up, in which I will answer some burning questions:
  • are all blogs crap?
  • did Meg roll in any dog poo?
  • did Petite have sex in the bushes?
More than 100 bloggers and their hangers on are planning to turn out. If you're going to be in Paris, and are narcissist-friendly, please join us. The picnic website is here.

Petite has whipped up a little t-shirt competition, and you can vote for the following picnic slogans:
  • I don't read your fucking blog
  • But enough about you...
  • Shag me first, Google me later
  • Will this picnic improve my stats?
  • (front) I'm a little bit famous (back) Overall visits: 47
  • Your link here
  • I don't fuck with my shrink because he reads my blog
  • Kiss my bloggin' ass
  • Paris Bloggers Take it in the Butt(es)


Samantha said...

Ha, love that last one!

frog with a blog said...

A variation of the last one could be:

Vin, fromage and pain in the Butt(es)

DarkoV said...

I'll have to go with
But enough about you..., although I was hoping to see...

I voted for Le Meg as FOE BEst Writer and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Old, jaded, and true.

Hey, Will we see pic on your Flickr of the fantabulous people? I'd treat you to a beer but your site isn't secure so I can't send you my charge card info. Will the gesture do?

Kermit the Vlog said...

Why does Samantha have Petite's eye?

sgazzetti said...

I'm throwing my support behind the "...Google me later" one. That's shirt-worthy.

Robyn said...

I love the last one too. :D

And I love your South Park-ified portrait!

maitresse said...

please, I'm a strictly google first, shag after kind of girl. perhaps I ought not to hang around with you ruffians.

Adrian said...

If only the reality were as interesting as these funky phrases...

Timbo said...

Some days I really wish I was a Paris blogger. Then I could get a t-shirt...