Monday, April 16, 2007

Near miss in Montmartre


The Shins were recently a few blocks from my apartment recording one of my favorite songs as a Concert à Emporter.

The tractor beam - the one that should have pulled me through the open window and deposited me within grabbing range of all that facial hair - was not working.

How could I not have known?

I suppose it's better this way. Had I been there, the "Gone for Good" video would have included a distant female backing vocal.


Garrincha said...

How could I not tell you ?
I must be stoopid

le Meg said...

You said it, not me.

Anonymous said...

oh i love les gars who do "concert à emporter". the idea is great, so sexy.

Adrian said...

Did you see me in the video?

Lindsea said...

Oh my god! the shins! I had a huge obsession with them. I even started dreaming about them. You have good taste that's for sure. i can't believe that they were so close to you. you felt the shins vibes. I saw them only once live in San Francisco. soo cool.

"les shins" LOL!