Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome Home

When I visit the U.S. I am invariably asked about if I plan to stay in France.

"Who knows?" is usually my watery reply, along with "probably not forever." I tack on that last bit to soothe the Americans who are hard-pressed to understand why I've strayed.

I then usually try to explain why I like it "over there." Few among my people have visited, and they're not the sort to squeal about macarons. I've had little success in stammering about the simple pleasures of Paris. I suppose I'm afraid on some level of being insulting or, even worse, being tagged as an elitist. It is hard to extoll the virtues of fresh markets without seeming to judge the Costco member across the table.

I will turn to my camera then, to do the job of illustrating why I like it here in Paris. These are images from my first week back in the city after visiting the U.S.





It's an idyllic view, to be sure, and not always so lovely. But such was my week, and I am happier than ever to call Paris my home.


Edvard Moonke said...

why would anyone rather live in paris than the us.... hmmmm, that's a toughie!

Le Meg said...

You're right, Eddie: this is hardly ground-breaking stuff :)

Sorry to any of you who have fled because the photos have been so badly formatted - Blogger is very much on my nerves. Does anyone know a trick or tool to do photostrips or something that would look better, allow captions?

Your luddite,
Le Meg

corine @ Hidden In France said...

How horrible is blogger. I switched to typepad.

I enjoyed watching picture of real saucisson and fromage, two delights that are now forbidden to me. sigh... Home sweet home

Parisian Cowboy said...

Hi Meg,

I was in the US the last two weeks and glad to be back as well. And right now, with that weather we have, Paris seems pretty much to be the best place to call home.

Have a nice sunny sunday,


emiglia said...

I left the States officially almost a year ago, but really I've been France-bound since I was 14. I have no idea why people can't understand that I don't have any real intention of coming back to the States, but, like you, I always say "someday." I think it helps them to sleep at night. I have no idea why they need that reassurance.

PS Love your blog, will definitely be back.