Friday, October 12, 2007

Wine, Wimmin' & Song

This weekend is the annual fête des vendanges in Montmartre, and I'll be making the rounds in the "village" of wine and regional products.

Coming from the States and a protestant background, there's something really great about being able to booze from wine stand to wine stand at the foot of a giant church.

For those interested in checking out the festival, which includes a parade, fireworks, and hundreds of music, literary, and even gastronomical events dedicated to the singer George Brassens, the official festival web page is here, and my Gridskipper article about it is here.


Brumaire said...

Really sorry I got you pregnant during the dance-off.

Garrincha said...

Don't worry, i will not tel anyone you were still drunk on tuesday at lunchtime ...