Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paris Through Take-Away Eyes

One of the reasons I've been neglecting you, my dear readers, is that I've started pimping Paris for the travel website Gridskipper.

Today's post exalts the Blogothèque and their series of Take-Away Shows. Click on over to watch some great videos that capture the Shins, the Hidden Cameras, Arcade Fire, Guillemots, Andrew Bird, I'm From Barcelona, and Alamo Race Track playing songs against a backdrop of the city.

And then head over to la Flèche d'Or on Monday night (July 30) for the premiere of Soirées à Emporter. The Blogothèque's latest venture is a series of concerts that bring indie darlings to play with eachother and from positions within the audience.

Zach Condon, who reportedly just bought an apartment near Gambetta, is the big draw for this first one. The freakishly talented near-teenager from Beirut will be playing with Sidi Ali and his favorite-ever Macedonian marching band. David Ivar from Herman Düne will also be there to delight, along with Jeremy Warmsley and Inlets.

It's free and will undoubtedly fill up, so my advice is to get there on the early.


Stuart Mudie said...

You left my favourite Concert à Emporter off your list - Herman Düne in the laundrette I used to use when I first came to Paris!

le Meg said...

Alright, alright:

Arnaud said...

Hi Meg

it's been a while, I'm so busy with writing work lately...
which is good !

how are u ? I'll definitely be at this gig (unless I've got another freelance stuff, but I doubt it)
take care !


Stuart Mudie said...

You're too kind.

Maybe see you there on Monday!

le Meg said...

Arnaud lives next door and says "hello" through my comments box.

What does this say about the world?


Lola is Beauty said...

I have to listen to the shins performance on blogotheque at least once a week...ooohh soiree a emporter sounds perfect, hope there's one next time i'm in Paris.

Garrincha said...

You have the most incredible dance moves ever. Where are the pictures you took ?