Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valenthèque

I revealed in my last post that I had fallen in love with a dancer.

Sadly, however, the bouncing boy has not been in touch.

Perhaps he's very busy.

Or (unlikely) does not read my blog.

In any case, I am fickle and have fallen for a new toy. My heart this Wednesday belongs to La Blogothèque.

They say the best way to learn a language is between the sheets. But "they" haven't been practicing their french on this website.

In reality, la Blogothèque is much better than a boyfriend. He's always up for going out, I like his friends, he brings me new music, and I don't have to shower after visiting him.

Some places he has taken me:

(in Montmartre)


(along the Canal St. Martin)

Not a bad couple of dates, right? And I didn't even have to shave my legs.

Happy VD, tout le monde.


Edvard Moonke said...

cool as hell. absolutely loved it. I wonder if Le Meg was part of the procession along the canal?

Joyce Hanson said...

Hi, Le Meg. Is this the first time you've blogged about the boyfriend search? Cuz you were "involved" already when you started Le Blagueur, right? Anyway, have fun blogging about your search for love. If there are ever any hurt feelings, now you can just chalk it up to being good material for a blog post!

le Meg said...

What makes you think I'm looking for a boyfriend? I only date websites.

Adrian said...

I dunno - he looks kinda skanky to me..maybe he sleeps in one of those tents and pees into the canal..

le Meg said...

I was not among the revelers, EM. But that spot (near the point éphémère) is one of my favorites, just a step away from where I used to live. Back when, as Joyce said, I was "involved."

And Adrian, are you calling the Blogothèque a skank?!