Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, you like being told what to do?

Good. Here’s your schedule for the next week:

ThuSept-7: At 7:00 listen to Jonathan Ames reading from his book Wake Up, Sir! at 7:00. The hyperactive Ames has been compared to Sedaris and appeared often on Letterman. The Village Voice Bookshop: 6, rue Princess, 75006 (FREE). When it’s over, go drink some wine at the Caves Miard at 9, rue des Quatre Vents.

FriSept-8: Arrive before 21h30 for Fêtes de Nuit. The gardens of Versailles play host to “Les Noces de “l’Enfant Roi,” a bizzaro tribute to young royal loving that is executed, of course, upon a floating stage with fireworks (30 euros).

SatSept-9: Le Baratin is all the rage, and I’m told the brains are “interesting.” Be sure to reserve at 01 43 49 39 70, then go to 3, rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020.

SunSept-10: Arty, are you? There’s a Paris salon for people like you. IVY has the details on her website – RSVP and get directions to an apartment in 75017. The meetup starts at 19h30.

MonSept-11: Stay out late at the Flèche d’Or watching Hot Club de Paris, Tilly and the Wall, and Lo-Fi Fnk. 102bis rue de Bagnolet, 75020 (FREE). Show starts at 20h.

TueSept-12: Be there for the first night of On n’est pas de vedettes, an annual festival of chanson hosted by Au Limonaire. Thirty singers (some famous, some inconnus) will take the stage over the course of two weeks. Three per night, and the lineup for each evening is a surprise. Reserve for an early dinner at 01 45 23 33 33, or come only for the show at 21h. 18 Cite Bergere, 75009 (FREE/donation).

WedSept13: Go back to the Flèche d’Or to see Katel. I know, I know – you’re exhausted. But she’s really good. Listen here if you don’t believe me (FREE).


nikki la partouse said...

Wot, Le Baratin is hip? no, it can't be! Guess that means I'll be sitting beside les bobos next time I go...bah.

I blame the new food critic over at Le Figaro ( i believe that's where he is), who's been telling anyone who will listen how great the place is. Merci, pal.

nazilam said...

Remind me to contact you before we return to paris in October for our next chocolate buying trip!

nardac said...

If you're really in the artscene or just dying to be seen with the hangers on, go to rue Louise Weiss on Saturday. The full horror of the Rentree with artsies and critics on full display. Thanks... but no thanks! I'm skipping directly to the drinking parties afterward.

p.s. - ever notice how the best things to do are the ones where your friend calls you up at 1 am and you can barely make out the message for the all the noise but still you manage to find yourself there and there's some guy headbanging a potted plant because he's so fucking drunk?

Bitter in Chicago said...

Why don't you just get pregnant. Then you can spend the week watching your gut grow while your husband goes to the Touch and Go 25th Reunion rock shows at the Hideout.